Participate in one of the Top B-Plan Competitions of India!

Participate in one of the Top B-Plan Competitions of India!

NMIMS Mumbai is Back with One of the Top B-Plan Competitions of India!

Bizzneeti is a National Level B-Plan Competition organized by Students’ Council Colloquium, the Business and Management Cell of NMIMS University’s MPSTME, Mumbai. Organized between 24-26 March 2022, Bizzneeti aims to provide interaction between industry experts of today and the change-makers of tomorrow.

Through this event, Bizzneeti promotes young minds to work towards creating their own trademark by giving them a platform to battle amongst each other on the basis of their unique ideas and intricate business plans.

The competition takes place in 2 comprehensive phases and the participants would be judged on the basis of their ideas, originality, research, monetary aspects, economic strategies, feasibility. At the summit of the event, the teams able to qualify Phase 1 get the chance to pitch their ideas to highly accomplished angel investors and venture capitalists with the opportunity to grab prizes worth ₹1,00,000.

Bizzneeti ‘22 will be held in hybrid mode from 24th March – 26th March with Phase 1 being held through an online platform and Phase 2 organized offline, on campus

Why Should You Participate?

  • Bizzneeti provides you with an opportunity to seek exposure, interact and learn and get mentorship from highly accomplished industry experts.
  • If your team is successful in convincing the judges that your business plan has immense potential, is well-grounded, and feasible enough to sustain in the real world, you win cash prizes worth up to ₹1,00,000.
    • Winner: ₹45,000
    • First Runner-Up: ₹25,000
    •  Second Runner-Up: ₹15,000
  • This year Bizzneeti is offering a special grant for all those early-stage ventures focusing in the doman of Web3 and Crypto ranging between $10,000 – $25,000.
  • Bizzneeti is organizing an initiative towards incentivising and promoting women-led startups called ‘Women in Business’. Such teams stand to win a cash price of ₹10,000.
  • An opportunistic initiative to recognise teams that are actively working for the society and environmental causes named ‘Social Venture’ where teams in this space stand to win a cash price of ₹5,000.
  • The Networking Meet will give all the participant teams an exclusive opportunity to interact with industry leaders seasoned in the entrepreneurial realm. This also includes a chance to connect with the other participating teams and learn from their experiences.
  • Startups working in the field of Web3 and Crypto will be given a unique opportunity to get a special grant ranging from $10,000 – $25,000.
  • We present to you an opportunity to pitch your business idea to industry experts and angel investors.
  •  If an investor seems interested in a specific idea, he may choose to take forward his/her relationship with any participating team, it does not have to be the winner of the competition.
  •  Gain insight into startups and the business world.
  • All participants will be sent special goodies from our end as a token of our appreciation.

Phase 1 (24th and 25th March)

All the registered teams are to participate in Phase 1. The teams have to present their business idea in a detailed and exhaustive presentation regarding their ideas and their conception from initial funding to scale in the future. The in-house judges would evaluate and filter the teams on the basis of the demonstration of their business plans keeping in mind the various factors like initial investment/ capital, profit model and breakeven analysis, feasibility, scalability, marketing, and outreach.

Networking meet (25th March)

At the end of phase 1, all the registered teams will be given the golden opportunity to learn and interact with the renowned industry leaders and the other participating teams during a networking meet which will be held offline. The meet allows the participants to connect with each other and learn from their individual experiences with the various mini-events and activities planned out for them.

Phase 2 (26th March)

It is the final stage of the event which will take place offline. The teams qualified for this round on the basis of every aspect of their business and are confident of its feasibility now have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas in-person to a panel of renowned angel investors. If a team’s presentation stands out to the investors, there is a possibility that they would invest in the participant’s idea/plan and help them turn their idea into reality.

The phase would be accompanied by a live audience and the winner shall be awarded hefty cash prizes and gift vouchers.

Registration Link

Registrations open till 22nd March.

Contact Details

For more details about Bizzneeti, check out

In case of queries, contact-

Avani Laddha: 8889066627
Madhavi Thanvi: 7021971001

Or drop an email at

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