All you need to know about participating in IIT Delhi’s Annual fest, Parivartan

All you need to know about participating in IIT Delhi's Annual fest, Parivartan - Insynout

The Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi has long been an elite institution tasked with nurturing and educating fertile young minds for the next generation of management in this country. We consider it our fundamental duty to acquire and disseminate knowledge relating to management, be it through research, teaching, industry interface, or even policy decisions.

Every February as the bright rays of sunshine seep through the smoggy air, embracing us with a new zest for life, the cultural affairs committee organizes our annual management festivalParivartanwhere talents meet the talented.

The department transforms into an epic coterie of wistfulness where eminent people from all walks of life exchange ideas with the students at this prestigious institute. Management students throng here. They thrive in the pollen of wisdom, which is provided here, and they begin their journey towards unleashing the excellence in them from here.

About Parivartan

Parivartan is the annual Business, Cultural, and Sports Festival of the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. The festival hosts presentations, debates, case-study contests, quizzes, cultural events, sports competitions, and many more informal events attracting participation from premier B-schools across the country.

Parivartan aims to provide an opportunity for all the B-School peers gathered from all corners of the country to summon up the spirit and get to work identifying opportunities, engaging in some fun brainstorming, delving into problems, and developing innovative solutions to overcome all stereotypes and emerge as true winners.

This year, Parivartan is going with the themeCarnival of Euphoria.” Change is essential for our life to move forward, and we should cherish these crucial & fundamental changes, for they will bring new joy and triumph of victories over new challenges in life. Cherishing the changes that life has brought in, we have transformed ourselves into much stronger selves, feeling euphoric and capable of seeing things more clearly. The theme ‘Carnival of Euphoria’ signifies the current circumstances as we head from this devastating pandemic to a completely vibrant new world.

This theme symbolizes the rejoicing nature of DMS IIT Delhi students and their euphoric attitude in the face of more significant challenges, which marks them as outstanding leaders. We conduct this festival to commemorate the ecstatic nature and tenacious attitude in the spirit of a carnival of euphoria.

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Parivartan 2022 pledges to transform into the epic coterie of innovation, knowledge, and wisdom by immersing everyone, drawing them into an invigorating journey into the world of business.

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