NEEV “Continuum” | Feb 17th, 18th, and 19th | Business Games, Informal, and Cultural Events

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Symbiosis University’s SCMHRD presents NEEV – India’s 3rd largest annual corporate and cultural festival. The fest takes place on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of February 2023. Every year a footfall of more than 15,000 is witnessed which comprises participants from the top 40 business schools in the country, corporates from renowned industries, judges, and dignitaries from various business houses. Along with this, the fest is also bejeweled by celebrity talks from eminent personalities. This year we have renowned TV host Mrs. Mini Mathur, famed actress Mrs. Tannaz Irani, Shark Tank fame Mr. Aman Shrivastava, Arjuna awardee Mr. Deepak Hooda and Mrs. Saweety Boora for Atlantis Diaries – the celebrity talk show. The Bollywood Night will be dazzled by Gajendra Verma with his sensational melodies and phenomenal fervor.

NEEV showcases a plethora of events that provide the platform for you to exhibit your managerial acumen and compete against the best and the brightest in a series of challenging business simulations and engaging cultural events. Join us and take part in any of the business games of diverse specializations or try your hand in NEEV’s flagship event, Augustus – The biggest hunt for the best student manager to win attractive cash prizes and gain huge exposure. If you are an extracurricular fanatic, have a go at the various cultural and informal activities we have lined up for you to win prizes worth Rs. 8 lakhs. Register now to be a part of this grandeur and win a ton of cash and incredible goodies.

Business Games

Augustus: – The hunt for the best student manager!

1. SyncHRonize: – Sharpen your intellect with rigorous rounds that put your HR abilities to the test!

2. Kotler Kaun: – Put your astute marketing acumen to the test by figuring out what customers desire!

3. Moneypoly: – Test your expertise in the realm of financial services!

4. Operatio: – Come, maneuver the inventory and efficiency at Operatio while implementing a concrete execution plan!

5. Cipher: – Dive into the world of numbers and data in this thrilling game designed to challenge your analytical skills!

6. Gridlines: – Create the perfect blueprint and build the optimum solution.

Cultural Events

1. Verve: – Unleash your passion and grace to set the stage on fire!

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2. Panache: – Showcase your fashion replete with glitz and glamor to win the title of the top fashionista!

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3. Battle of Symphony: – Shape ideas and thoughts with words to create your own magical narrative!

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4. Director’s Cut:- Flaunt your enchanting voice and create your mesmerizing mixtape!

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5. Between The Lines: – Showcase your talent and inventiveness and bring your favorite fictional characters to life.

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Informal Events

1. Rant It Out: – Get ready to put your own whimsical twist on creative journalism and make the headlines.

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2. Mystery Chemistry: – Raise the stakes and earn the chance to hit the jackpot in an electrifying night of Poker.

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3. Tic Tac Go: – Put your creativity to the test as you take part in this entertaining mix of pop culture and management

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4. Joke Studio: – Use all your wits in the game to test who laughs first

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5. Beg Borrow Steal: – Complete this game’s list of items ASAP where you will need quick feet but quicker thinking.

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We are proud to collaborate with IDFC First Bank as our title sponsor for NEEV 2022! IDFC First Bank believes growth is real only when it is sustainable and serves the long-term interest of stakeholders. The bank aims to build a world-class bank in India, guided by ethics, and powered by technology, and to be a force for social good.

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