Wordle: An explanation of the immensely popular word game

Have you noticed any green, yellow, or grey boxes on social media recently? The reason for this is Wordle.

Wordle swept the internet by storm in late 2021, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing off in the New Year. Have you heard of Wordle before? You’ve undoubtedly seen it recently on social media, especially if you use Twitter. Boxes on posts: Yellow boxes, green boxes, and grey boxes are all available. Boxes similar to this:

Come visit Wordle. What is Wordle, anyway? That is an excellent question.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online word game that you may play every day. It’s simple, enjoyable, and only has to be played once a day. Give it a shot; it’s a skill that’s best mastered via practice.

I could try to explain the regulations, but the site itself does an excellent job:

This game is awesome!!

Players get six opportunities to predict a random five-letter word in Wordle. If you put the proper letter in the right location, it becomes green, as illustrated above. When a proper letter is typed in the wrong place, it turns yellow. A letter that isn’t part of the word in any way appears grey.

You may enter a total of six words, which means you can use five-burner words to learn about the letters and their arrangement. Then you just have one chance to use those tips.

Isn’t it simple? Yes, it’s straightforward, but it’s also tremendously engaging.

So, It’s just a word game? What’s the big deal?

It’s just a word game, after all. But it’s a hit: the New York Times reports that over 300,000 individuals played it on Sunday. That popularity may appear strange, but there are a few minor features that have caused everyone to go insane about it.

Every day, there is only one puzzle.

This raises the stakes to a certain level. At the Wordle, you only get one shot. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to acquire a new puzzle if you make a mistake.

Everybody is engaged on the same puzzle!

This is important since it makes it easy to ping your buddy and talk about the puzzle for the day. “Today was a challenge!” “How did things go for you?” “Did you get it?” says the narrator.

This brings us to the next point…

It’s simple to share your puzzle results!

You’re asked to share your Wordle adventure for the day once you’ve completed the puzzle for the day, whether successfully or poorly. It looks like this if you tweet the image…

It’s worth noting that the word and letters you choose are hidden. Your path to the word is depicted in a sequence of yellow, green, and grey boxes.

It’s incredibly compelling. If you get it quickly, perhaps on your second or third try, there is a gloating element in which you must demonstrate to your fans how brilliant you are and share.

It’s also a fun story if you get it by the skin of your teeth on the sixth attempt. But most importantly, the puzzle itself isn’t spoiled.

Wordle is more than a word game; it’s also a conversation starter and a way to brag on social media. That’s why it’s become so popular.

So, who invented Wordle?

Josh Wardle is the creator of Wordle. People who spend a lot of time online may remember him as the founder of Place, a completely insane collaborative art project/social experiment that enraged the internet in April 2017.

Place was a public online place where anybody could fight over anything was drawn there. As a result, massive, widespread communities fought for place on this massive online canvas.

This is how it turned out in the end:

Remember Place? That was a wild era!

Wordle got a mention in The New York Times in November but really got traction when the shared element was added on Friday.

Wardle said in a Reddit post that he wanted Wordle to feel like a croissant, a “delightful snack” enjoyed on occasion. This is the reason why each day only has one puzzle. “If you like them too much,” he continued, “they lose their appeal.” and that is in fact very much agreeable.

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