Google Voice now allows you to choose who receives a voicemail

You may now choose how call forwarding should function

Google now allows you to modify how its Voice service handles incoming calls. Starting today, you may set the app to redirect calls from individual or groups of contacts to a connected phone number or your voicemail.

You can also create a rule that plays bespoke voicemail greetings for particular contacts. You may even instruct it to screen persons if you don’t want to take calls until absolutely required.

According to Google, the new options allow users to route incoming calls in ways that match their existing workflows. To begin utilizing the function, go to the Google Voice website and select the cog symbol towards the top of the screen. Then choose “Calls,” followed by “Choose a rule.” It’s worth noting that the mobile app only allows you to examine the rules you’ve already created; you can’t create new ones – at least not yet.

Despite being one of Google’s longest-running services, Voice has only received occasional attention from the search giant in recent years. Prior to today, the company’s most recent upgrade for Voice was to disable one of its most beneficial features. This has raised concerns that Google would cease the service soon, but today’s update suggests that Voice is still alive and well.

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  1. It’s so amazing to know how fast the tech is growing and above all, google is coming up with lot of innovation. You page keeps the tech alive and all our support will be with you . Keep the good up.

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