Take a peek at this lickable screen to glimpse the future that we all knew was coming.

Lick the TV, just as you dreamt!

If you’ve ever thought, “This 4K HDR OLED TV is wonderful, but I really wish it tasted better when I licked it,” we may be moving closer to a future where that’s the case – a professor has built a gadget he called “Taste the TV,” according to Reuters, and it accomplishes exactly what the name says.

Homei Miyashita thinks that his “TTTV” would allow people to experience things like far-away world-class restaurants without leaving their own homes, which has become an increasingly reasonable yearning in the two years since the epidemic began.

Researchers mixed together several meals and utilized sensors to “taste” them, according to a demonstration video seen below. The chemicals are then sprayed onto a rolling plastic sheet (or a disposable tray for those who don’t want to lick a plastic-covered screen) in combinations that replicate the flavor.

The sheet is then put out over the display so you may taste those delectable chemicals before being rolled away for convenient disposal.

However, I hope you appreciate the screen with your own tongue, rather than the demonstration one used in the video.

The film demonstrates a variety of practical applications for TTTV, such as a menu that gives you a sense of what the food will taste like, a means to teach wine testers, and a device that allows you to flavor crackers. However, I want to utilize it to taste items from movies or food TV shows that I watch. Would it be a gimmick like home 3D movies or curved TVs? Almost likely, but who hasn’t wished they could lick their screens when watching internet culinary videos?

According to Reuters, Miyashita believes he can produce a commercial version of the Taste the TV for $875. Even with high markup, that pricing is still far lower than I’d imagine — while there’s still space for a printer ink-style business model in which the true expense is in the flavor cartridges.

Perhaps Miyashita’s concept of a lickable screen is more suited to information systems than entertainment. But it’s easy to picture a future in which the taste system is disconnected from the TV and replaced with a little flavor dispenser that sprays the yummy, delightful chemicals onto a tray at suitable points throughout a show.

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Source: The Verge

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