MECHANICA-2021: “ENDURING RECAST” | April 9th, 10th, 11th | IIT Madras

Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) of IIT Madras is formed with the primary aim of providing scientists and technologists of the highest caliber who would engage in research, design and development to help to build the nation towards self-reliance in her technological need. It is the largest student-run organization of IIT Madras with a team size of 100 students and 2400 engineers as its community, under the supervision of 75 faculty members. 

The Annual Research and Technology extravaganza of the department of Mechanical Engineering at IITM, Mechanica, the biggest event of the Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) of IIT Madras, is mainly sponsored by Ansys, Ashok Leyland, Altair, General electrics this year. For more information about our sponsors, visit The fest was started as a humble attempt to strengthen the foundations of mechanical students and pave a way for them to understand theory in the context of real life, with a glistening variety of contests and events. Mechanica has evolved itself in the past few years to become a stage for discussion and exchange of information regarding the challenges of Mechanical Engineering in the modern-day world.

Mechanica 2021 is designed with the theme #EnduringRecast – The change that withstands time equipped with industrial problem solving challenges, case study competitions and certified workshops.

The Workshops include LaTeX, 3D modeling, ANSYS, MATLAB, and IC Engines, FUSION 360. Lectures and Events like Mech Trivia, Open Quiz, Desmod, Mech basics, case studies, etc. are awaiting you.

These are the workshops and events being conducted this year. The registration link is provided below. A virtual pass is mandatory to attend all the events, lectures and to attend any workshop of your choice. The payment details are provided on our website 

We also provide combo offers for attending multiple workshops, here the poster gives a detailed description. All these can be availed only if the virtual pass is taken. More details are available on our website.


We have a flagship event every year, this was last year’s flagship event “IMPACT” where problem statements like helping khova stirring labour will be given, here we are seeing a prototype of the solution students came up with.

These are the pictures from our events and workshops, the middle one is of the MATLAB workshop and the first one from the IC engines workshop.

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