How to use WhatsApp as a Notepad

Everyone uses WhatsApp daily. It has become the most used messenger app worldwide. It has many features than using as just a messaging app. Did you know that WhatsApp can function as a notepad? NoWell, I guess you’re familiar with many WhatsApp’s features, but today I’m gonna show you how you can use it as a Notepad too !!

How to use WhatsApp as a Notepad


WhatsApp Notepad : 

We use WhatsApp every day to stay connected with our friends, family, and loved ones anytime and anywhere. With WhatsApp, you get free and secure messaging on your mobile phone.

WhatsApp is the first thing people check after getting up in the morning and is the last thing people check on before going to bed.

Do you agree with me?

WhatsApp is our everyday thing.

Applications like Evernote, Microsoft Onenote, Simplenote, Trello, Google Keep, Zoho Notebook and many others are amazing note-taking applications on App Store and Play Store. They have advanced features which businesses use. You can use this application to take notes.

Everyone knows how useful these applications are, but not everyone uses them daily. People need a simple note-taking app which is easy to use.

If I share my experience, I find many apps and services fascinating for their features and functions. But when I write a note or save something important note to recheck, it becomes hard to keep track of it.

I need a simple Notepad, which is compatible with any type of data and I can access and store my notes easily

WhatsApp solves all the problems in this situation. WhatsApp got popular because of its simplicity. I’m using WhatsApp for taking notes for past eight months and it works very well. Follow these simple 6 steps to make WhatsApp as your Notepad.

6 Steps to use WhatsApp as a Notepad:

Step #1 Open WhatsApp:

Here, I assume that you already have WhatsApp Account and WhatsApp is installed on your device.

Now, Open it.

Step #2 Create a WhatsApp Group:

Create a new WhatsApp group. In case if you don’t know how to create one. Follow the Instructions,
  • Tap on Options (three dots)
  • Tap on New Group

Step #3 Add Someone:

Add anyone from your contact list for that group.
To create A WhatsApp group it requires at least two people. He/she can be your friend, family member, colleague or anyone.
As you can see in the screenshot, I’ve added my Mother for creating a group.

Step #4 Name the Group:

Name the group as Notepad, Work, Notes or anything you like. It’s your personal choice.
I’ve named it as Notepad.

Step #5 Remove that person:

This Notepad is our personal space. So, remove that person from the group which you’ve added before. (Inform that person before removing)
P.S Sorry mom.

Step #6 Pin it to the Top:

Pin that group, so that you can see your Notepad always on the top of your chats list.
  • Long Press on the group.
  • Tap on the Pin icon.
Now, you can use that group as your notepad. You can use this feature without paying a single rupee!
How to properly use this WhatsApp Group:

You have to use this group for Notepad applications. It can also serve as a clipboard. Whenever you want to save some valuable content or link you want to later read or type any personalized wishes for festivals, this is a great place to type on. and just not this, you can save any format like- text, image, video, documents or links. Just put that data in this Notepad.

For instance, my friend shared a document on GST in one of my WhatsApp group. At that time I was busy with some other work, but I want to see that document. So, what I did, I forwarded that document in my group, Notepad. Now, I don’t need to find that one document in that group, which is super active.

Like this, I keep my important data in one place.

I even use it to make notes which serve as a small reminder to me.

Top 10 Advantages of Using WhatsApp as a Notepad:
1. Daily Note Check

As discussed earlier, we check our WhatsApp every day. So it’s impossible to ignore these notes. 

2. Easy Reminders

Put the note in that group and mark the chat as unread.

Next time when you open WhatsApp, you’ll see an unread chat. See !! Helpful reminders.

3. Read It Later

This is my favorite feature of this. If say, you’re watching a youtube video or reading an article and want to read it later, just share the article on the Notepad Group for later use.

4. Always in Front of Eyes

When you pin the group, it’ll always be on top of other chats.

5. Easy Access To Data

Put your important documents, media, links and messages in that group. It’s easy to search and find those valuable data at one place.

6. NO Limitation

WhatsApp doesn’t have any restrictions on text length, data size. You can save long text notes, without worrying about max limit.

7. Shortcut on Screen
You can create a shortcut of that group on mobile screen. Ease of accessibility.
  • Open WhatsApp Notepad.
  • Tap on options. (3 dots on top right corner)
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Add Shortcut.
8. Search Old Notes

You can search anything on that Notepad in just one tap. (This is only applicable if you haven’t deleted the chat and back up)

  • Open WhatsApp Notepad.
  • Tap on options. (3 dots on top right corner)
  • Tap Search.
9. Email the Whole Notes
You can directly email whatever notes or information you’ve in that group.
  • Open WhatsApp Notepad.
  • Tap on options. (3 dots on top right corner)
  • Tap More.
  • Tap Email Chat.
This is also another hack of WhatsApp. You can convert WhatsApp chats into pdf format.
10. Access data easily on a Computer
Save important notes like documents, link, media and messages, and files. Later directly access them on a computer for reading and printing purposes.

  • Use this link ( from a PC or Laptop. A barcode screen appears.
  • On mobile phone, open WhatsApp >> Tap on Options (Three dots) >> select WhatsApp Web.
  • Scan the barcode from the computer screen.
No need of using note-taking apps on your mobile phone. You can use WhatsApp as a Notepad.
It is a simple and tricky way to use WhatsApp and fulfills the basic needs of a Notepad.
Share this article on WhatsApp groups if you found this trick helpful and Interesting and let me know in the comment section.
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