Author: Kshitij Nagdeote

These Are The Fastest Growing Programming Languages in 2018, According to GitHub

This year, GitHub has seen an increasing enthusiasm among coders for “more statically typed languages” focused on type safety and interoperability. Kotlin occupied the top spot, while TypeScript and Rust gained a significant pace this year. In addition, HCl, a human-readable language for DevOps, has seen twice the number of contributors using this language since […]

OnePlus Unveils 6T McLaren Edition with 10GB RAM and Fast Charging

OnePlus officially launched its OnePlus 6 T McLaren Edition at an event held at McLaren’s UK headquarters. The limited edition smartphone features 10 GB of RAM and a new fast-charging technology called “Warp Charge 30.” The latest 6T edition comes in partnership with the British automotive company with the iconic “Papaya Orange” colored shade of […]

If You Read One Article About Clean Master, Cheetah Keyboard, Battery Doctors’ Ad Frauds, Read this One

According to a Buzzfeed report, eight Android applications, with more than 2 billion downloads from Google Playstore, have been caught misusing the users’ permissions to make more money.The article reports seven out off eight apps owned by Cheetah Mobile, a renowned Chinese Developer group and eighth app is owned by Kika Tech another app company […]

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