How to Vanish from the Internet completely

Delete from internet completely

Social Media has made everyone’s life an open book on the Internet. (In some cases a bit too far open) In today’s digital age, Internet companies and markets are constantly tracking users data for relative targeting and data mining. As more and more individuals and businesses rely on the Internet as the primary source of information about others, compromising the data of the other person grows.

Social Media Suicide

People who are concerned about their personal information online, potentially costing them jobs and other problems or for someone who wants to delete every information about self on the internet or for someone who is facing the harsh realities of social media fallout, the decision of pulling the plug might seem an attractive idea. And while it might seem difficult to maintain a distance between personal and private life in the 24×7 world, truth is that you can disappear online entirely by little effort and dedication. Also, you can entirely create a new identity for yourself.

The first step to keeping a low profile is to wipe out Social media existence. To delete your accounts just head on to websites such as and These websites help to clean out your existence from the internet.

deseat me interface

How does it work?  Well, for instance, asks permissions to your Gmail account, then it finds accounts connected to the email id ever created and provides a detailed list to deactivate the accounts.

delete from facebook, twitter

Using the tools, either you can create an entirely new identity for yourself or totally vanish from the online social world.

just delete me

If you totally want to delete every trace of yours from the Internet, follow this guide by ProphetHacker, which contains nine steps to wipe out your existence from the Internet.

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