Microsoft has a Very Special Gift For Its Fans This Winter!

Microsoft has a Very Special Gift For Its Fans This Winter!, Insynout

Do you guys remember the blocky Windows 95 logo? If you’re born in 90’s I’m sure you’ve seen one on the older computers. For me, it looked like a Kite flying in the sky (when I was a kid). That windows logo from the ’90s is making a comeback.

However this time, it’s not included in any operating system as a logo but it’s coming in style. Windows put a tweet telling that it is giving away Windows 95 Logo Sweaters to few lucky fans!

It would be a disastrous marketing campaign if it was the 2000s. But it’s 2018 now and who cares about fashion. Even ripped jeans are a fashion statement these days. (lol). Thing is people buy things they feel like and no one follows a particular trend like in the early days.

Introducing the latest #Windows95 custom “softwear.”? Wish you could rock the #WindowsUglySweater? ? your DMs, because we’re giving a few lucky fans one of their very own.

— Windows (@Windows) December 13, 2018

So, why not a Windows Ugly Sweater? The above photo shoots are not precisely what you expect from a product photography. But hey! it’s Windows 95 logo, and even Microsoft knows how unattractive it looks.

But if you’re a die-hard Windows fanboi then maybe it is the ideal sweater for you. (Just FYI, dont wear this sweater on a date night, you’ll end up scaring the other person)

Here’s how to get one! 

If you want a sweater just DM @Windows and they might get back to you. Even if you don’t get the sweater, you’ll be the fan nevertheless.

Here are the Tweets of people who got it and posted on their Twitter handles:

The only #Windows95 I allow in my life is this ridiculously good looking #WindowsUglySweater <3 This is #MicrosoftLife

— Dona Sarkar (@donasarkar) December 13, 2018

Hi there! Just declaring my lifetime victory for all upcoming ugly sweater contests.#windowsuglysweater #MicrosoftLife

— Ben Rudolph (@BenThePCGuy) December 13, 2018

What do you think about this sweater? Would you buy one? Post your views in the comments down below.

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