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Microsoft Surface Pro 4,Microsoft’s latest piece of hardware which is a phenomenal and a beautiful device is finally launching in India.It’s one of the best tablet-cum-laptop offering which is not only attractive but also functional.Flagged as a “true laptop killer” or “Tablet that can replace your laptop”,the surface pro 4 really wins the race in terms of benchmarks in comparison with Apple’s iPad Pro.(To some extent) and it’s predecessor Surface Pro 3.


The Surface Pro 4 packs all the goodness and hardware of a full x86 computer into a tablet form factor that can run Windows OS seamlessly.It has all the features that it’s predecessor Surface pro 3 has but in a better way.


“An Amazing Screen”...The 12.3” PixelSense Full HD Display has extremely high contrast and low glare so you can work through the day without straining your eyes.
Unlike the Surface Pro 3 which had screen resolution of 2160 x 1440,The Surface Pro 4’s screen packs a resolution of 2736 x 1824 which is an uncommon resolution when compared to laptops with 4k or 1080p resolution in the market.Both have the same 267 PPI which Microsoft believes is perfect resolution when using laptop at the right distance.Altogether it’s an amazing screen,better than Surface Pro 3.Web browsing and productivity at 100% or 200% scaling does not affect system performance and looks gorgeous.
Aspect Ratio is 3:2 ; It has 10-point Multitouch capacity

Surface Pen:

There’s a new surface pen included with SP4,based on PixelSense technology.It has an eraser on the end of it. The new pen has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and attaches magnetically to the side of the Surface Pro 4 when not in use. It comes in a variety of colors and even has Cortana integration: you can activate Microsoft’s voice assistant by holding the button on the stylus.The most stunning thing is that it has all-year battery life.
But it has no on-the-spot calibration settings or configuration settings for right hand and left hand use,like the most of the tablets in this form factor do.It has a good tactile feel compared to last gen’s pen and the tip is interchangeable,feels more like writing with a lead pencil.


The keyboard of the surface pro is better than the last years’ one.Note that the keyboard is sold separately.The trackpad is bigger and is made of glass.Color of the trackpad is identical to the keys giving it a premium look.The keys are placed at even distances and is easier to type,don’t wobble from side-to-side,feels a lot better.Keyboard has the same connector to connect the tablet that also can be used with Surface Pro 3.
In addition,there’s also a finger-print sensor beside the trackpad for an extraprice.It’s of minimum use as windows uses it only for logging in and it does not work well with 3rd party Apps.

Performance,Specs and Build Quality:

Weight of Surface Pro 3 and 4 are exactly the same.But in terms of handling,the Surface Pro 4 feels lighter because the weight of  inner components is equally distributed all over the surface.
The form factor of both the devices is almost same but the Surface pro 4 is thinner.The Surface Pro 3 is 9.1 mm thick and Surface Pro 4 is 8.5 mm thick.This was  possible as the Surface Pro 4 variants are powered by Skylake processors in Core M3,i5 and i7 variants and use “Vapour cooling technology” to dissipate the heat.
As they have the latest generation of Skylake processors,performance wise,they have improved when compared to Surface Pro 3’s Haswell processors.When not used with power plugged in,the Surface Pro 4 tends to thermal throttle when using heavy applications like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

Battery Life :

According to Microsoft,the battery lasts all day.Was tested by 9 hrs of videop layback until the battery is completely discharged.So,in day to day usage it would last all day long.

Connectivity and Expansion slots:

For expansion,the Surface Pro 4 comes with full size USB 3.0 port,Charging Port,Micro display port,cover port,3.5 mm headset jack,Surface connect and a microSD card slot at the back for memory expansion.
Additionally,there’s also a USB charging port on the powerbrick.
802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible,Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

Camera and Audio:

It houses two cameras on either side,the front being 5 MP with 1080p HD video and the rear being 8 MP auto-focus with 1080p HD video quality.Great for video conference and taking pictures.Windows Hello face-authentication camera (front-facing) Stereo microphones,Stereo speakers with Dolby® audio
Sensors such as Ambient Light Sensor,Accelerator and Gyroscope are included.


This is overall the best laptop/tablet running Windows available by Microsoft.It’s small,lightweight,portable,performs exceptionally,runs office and windows apps perfectly,has amazing camera,looks cool and is a mobile workstation.It’s great for users who travel a lot and need a powerful tablet with laptop usability and experience.
Note that the type cover and keyboard are sold separately.
To learn more click on the links below:
There are three variants of Surface Pro 4 for sale in India:


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Core i5 6th Gen)RAM : 4 GB DDR3Storage : 128 GB SSDOS : Windows 10 Pro ; Office 30 Day TrialIntel HD Graphics 520Magnesium Casing ; Silver Color


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Core i5 6th Gen)RAM : 8 GB DDR3Storage : 256 GB SSDOS : Windows 10 Pro ; Office 30 Day TrialIntel HD Graphics 520Magnesium Casing ; Silver Color


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (Core i7 6th Gen)RAM : 8 GB DDR3Storage : 256 GB SSDOS : Windows 10 Pro ; Office 30 Day TrialIntel Iris Graphics Magnesium Casing ; Silver Color
Please refer the above links for more details and user reviews.
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