This Is The World’s Smallest Drone That Fits In Your Hand!

This Is The World's Smallest Drone That Fits In Your Hand
Drones and Internet Of Things ( IOT ) are two sectors of technology which are taking off with much new technology and addition of products in the Industry. Drones are nowadays used in pretty much everything from delivering pizzas,video shooting,military surveillance to taking selfies. These unmanned aerial vehicles are taking the world by storm. Drones vary in shapes,sizes,dimensions and features.

Now there are drones which are larger in size and have best features and there are also drones which claim to be the smallest. Among the titles of the smallest drone, have you come across one which has a camera and packs a punch ?

SKEYE drones, from TRNDlabs, are the current holders of making the world’s smallest drone series ( SKEYE Nano ), have added another great product to their line. SKEYE Nano 2 is arguably the world’s smallest flying camera drone at just 1.6 inches wide.

Measuring just 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) on sides and 0.9 inches in height, the 17-gram (0.59 ounce) awesome drone is capable of doing acrobatic stunts, has a Live Wi-Fi connectivity,SD Camera, LED lights for night flying and comes with Throw to fly and Ready to fly technology.

SKEYE Nano 2 is so easy and fun to operate that any person without any experience, can handle it. The controller has adjustable gyro sensitivity and can be set to beginner, mid-level, and expert for the ultimate precision control.It also has 6-axle flight control system.The Drone sits in the compact casing in the joystick.

SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Is equipped with Wi-Fi So that it can be alternatively controlled via the App on Android and iOS. Pairing with the onboard camera, the app gives a First Person View (FPV) of exactly what the drone sees. It’s not just a drone, It’s a portable flying camera !

The Drone is easy to use, Ultra- Compact and the app give you a whole lot of functionality,features and full control over the device. It’s a great product, a best buy, and ships anywhere in the world for free. The drone’s cost starts from 2,500 INR (~37 USD). You can buy one here and the Nano 2 here. To checkout more newer products, you can visit here.

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