What is hosting and why it is important for your website

What is hosting and why it is important for your website
To start a website,registering a Domain name and opting a Hosting service is Important as they will give you space and unique domain name (which will be your site’s name) where you’ll install WordPress and install your themes.

In the following article I’ll discuss about Hosting.

Hosting is generally termed as to store a website or other data on servers or computers so that it’s available and can be accessed all over the internet.The business of maintaining ,housing and serving files for a website is called “Web hosting”.

Web Hosting

The website space provided by the Web hosting company may differ from plan to plan but what actually matters is the fast connection to internet they provide.Most of them have up to gigabits of network connection lines.

Typically when compared to a company which wants to host their own site individually,would require similar infrastructure which would be very expensive.

Using a hosting service lets many companies share the cost of the internet connection for serving files.Some of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer their customers free space for a website which is hosted by one of their computers or a part of the server.

Working of web Hosting

A number of hosting companies describe their services as virtual hosting.Virtual hosting usually implies that their services will be transparent and that each Web site will have its own domain name and set of e-mail addresses.

In most usages, hosting and virtual hosting are synonyms.Some hosting companies let you have your own virtual server, the appearance that you are controlling a server that is dedicated entirely to your site.

Now what is a “Domain Name”

A Domain Name is the name of the website.It can be anything you decide.Technically,a domain name locates an organisation or an entity on the Internet.It is used to identify one or more IP addresses.Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages.

How to choose Domain Name

For Example : Domain name google.com represents to a dozens of IP addresses.

It’s important to remember you have to have a domain name so your website can be found on the Internet. The domain name is essentially your company’s Internet address; the same way your company’s street address is used to find your offices, a domain name is used to find your website.
Considering this, pick a domain name that’s memorable and relevant!

The conversion of the Domain names to IP Address is done by a server named DNS.DNS stands for ‘Domain Name Server’.

The function of Domain Name Server is pretty simple.The website fetched in browser goes to the Domain Name Server and then sends the site’s IP Address back to the browser then is directed to the website you want to browse.

Working of DNS

This is how the DNS works.Make sure you have a unique domain name and email address for it.

In the next article I’ll Write about the types of hosting,their features and the application of each Type of Hosting.

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