Why College Students Must Start A Blog Right Now!

Why College Students Must Start A Blog Right Now!
Blogging is getting great exposure all over the world.There are many blogs online that show the reality of money that they earn through blogging. Many people scare to blog as they’ve got no time for blogging or they think that spending time in it is not worth.

Is there any right time to start a Blog ? Honestly there’s no right time or wrong time to start a blog. Any small kid with good writing skills and little technical knowledge can start a blog.Read on to know why students need to blog when they are in college.

There are many college students in India that pursue various degrees.Most popular being the engineering field.It’s easy for an engineer to blog as being in technical field.Blogging also requires technical knowledge and there’s a lot to share if you have free time apart from your study schedule for blogging.

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There are many government and private universities where students pursue their high school,graduation and post-graduation degrees.A student who is doing well in one subject can also help other students all round the world who are facing difficulties in same subject.Or he can share something or the other in which he has experimented or done a group project.

If you have excellent Entrepreneur skills,you can also start a company right from college since it’s easy to find people who can contribute and help promotion.At school and college level creativity is out of the box.Moreover thinking out of the box always helps going from bottom to top.

We all know what blogging is.If  you don’t know then you can check out my article on ‘Why blogging.Many bloggers have proved that blogging can be done on a professional level.It can give you all the benefits that you get from a job.In India there’s a long list of bloggers who are successful in blogging and are from engineering stream.

This does not mean that other stream students cannot blog.There are many niche websites such as medical,arts,science,writing,poetry are popular as well.My brother Shantanu Nagdeote is a poet and is a good writer.He has a website ‘Palace Of Poetry’ where he publishes his poems.You can check it out here.

Having engineering background only helps in many know how and it’s easier to setup a blog on technology as it’s a broad niche and there are many topics to select from such as security,software,gadgets,gaming,reviews,coding and many more.

Tips For becoming a successful blogger:

  • Have Passion and interest in Blogging.
  • Take inspiration from other bloggers.
  • Visit your competitors’ website to see which topic or keyword gets more clicks.
  • If you create a blog solving many people’s question,you will end up having a high traffic on your website.
  • Be honest with your content.
  • Have patience and research for different sharing ideas you can do to share your posts.

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