Hyperpolyglot – A Great Tool for Programmers

Hyperpolyglot - A Great Tool for Programmers

In Brief: Hyperpolyglot is a reference sheet which provides side-by-side references among various languages and tools.This online sheet is a vast collection of comparision of languages and tools that any programmer will find useful.If you are a programmer,then give it a shot today and bookmark it for future use.

What is a Hyperpolyglot ? It’s a person who masters multiple programming languages (six or more) and is fluent in it. Talking of experienced programmers,a Hyperpolyglot would be a person who knows multiple programming languages.By applying similar concepts and syntax, he/she is able to work on one or more platforms.
Sometimes even  an expert finds it difficult to remember all the concepts across various programming languages.Even after hours of practice in coding,he/she has one favorite reference.
Basically, Hyperpolyglot is a one-step referring website that is a great tool for looking up similarities and differences between programming languages and tools.
Hyperpolyglot presents a side-by-side programming reference sheet that compares popular programming languages and tools. While it covers languages like C, Go, C++, Java, Objective-C, Scala, etc., Hyperpolyglot tells you about tools like Unix shells, build tools, text editors, databases etc.
It’s a great website that every programmer should bookmark.All the contents of the site are licensed under  creative commons attribution-sharealike 3.0.
What are you waiting for ? Check out the site : Hyperpolyglot
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