Mark Zuckerberg not to quit Facebook as the Chairman

Mark Zuckerberg not to quit Facebook as the Chairman

Recently, Facebook has entrapped itself in various scandals. Despite various rumours of Facebook CEO leaving the company, Mark Zuckerberg cleared in a statement that he will not be quitting as the chairman. He suggested that currently leaving the company won’t make any sense.

In addition to this, Zuckerberg praised the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg and stated “Sheryl is a really important part of this company… She’s been an important partner with me for ten years. I’m really proud of the work we’ve done together, and I hope that we work together for decades to come.”

The year 2018 has not been great for Facebook. It had to deal with issues like Cambridge Analytica and an attack that affected 90 million accounts and also the problems have been appeared even when the blame is not from Facebook.

To recall, Facebook recently denied any indulgence with the GOP crisis communication group, which is known for its opposition research.

For the record, Mark Zuckerberg owns 60 percent of the shares of the company, that means he owns majority of voting rights and board seats of the company. In fact, no one has the authority to remove Zuckerberg from Facebook except himself!. It proves that Facebook is his territory and he won’t leave it alone soon!

While Elliot Schrage, as communications manager of the social network giant Facebook, took responsibility for one of the facts accused Facebook of: delaying the PR agency’s hiring to spread false information and defame Facebook’s critics.

I knew and approved the decision to hire definers and similar companies,” as he said in a memo to all its Facebook employees, noting that Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg “counted” on him to oversee the work of the agency.

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